4. Delivery

4.1. Non binding time schedule

All dates and time schedules shall be non-binding and shall be indicative.

4.2. Delay

If a term is likely to be exceeded, parties shall consult with each other regarding the further planning and the consequences of any delay.

4.3. Deadline breach

In case of deadlines and delivery periods that are final and agreed in writing, KLAAS NIENHUIS shall only be in default, if a reasonable term is granted to remedy the breach. The notice of default must clearly and in detail state the breach in order to give KLAAS NIENHUIS the opportunity to act upon the notice.

4.4. Changes

In case of any changes to the work/project, the set dates or delivery period shall not apply. The same applies in case you fail to meet any of your obligations toward KLAAS NIENHUIS.

4.5. Additional work

Additional work shall not entitle you to terminate or rescind the agreement.