9. Intellectual or industrial property rights

9.1. Right of use

All intellectual property rights are the inalienable property of KLAAS NIENHUIS. You will be granted the right of use, that shall be non-exclusive, non-transferrable and that may not be sublicensed or pledged.

9.2. Transfer of intellectual property

Transfer of ownership of intellectual property from KLAAS NIENHUIS shall be express and in writing. Any such transfer shall be without prejudice to KLAAS NIENHUIS’ right or option to use without any restriction the general principles, ideas, designs, programming languages, protocols, documentation etc. of which the developments referred to are based on for other purposes. KLAAS NIENHUIS shall be entitled to complete developments for other customers that are similar or derived from developments that were or are being completed.

9.3. Registration

In no instance whatsoever will you proceed with the registration of any intellectual property of KLAAS NIENHUIS, including the indication KLAAS NIENHUIS and any related indication, any indication deriving there from or corruptions. You shall not be entitled to remove or alter any indication regarding the indication of the products.

9.4. Secure software

KLAAS NIENHUIS is allowed to take technical measures to secure the software. If KLAAS NIENHUIS has secured the software by means of technical security then you are not allowed to remove or circumvent this security. You cannot surrender the software or otherwise dispose of the same and you cannot change, adjust, translate, rent, lease, resell, distribute or use the software in a network and you cannot create or have created derivative products on the basis of the software or a part thereof.