2. Payment

2.1. EUR and VAT

Unless indicated otherwise, all prices, including the fees of KLAAS NIENHUIS are expressed in EUR and excluding VAT and possible other duties pursuant to statutory regulations. KLAAS NIENHUIS is authorised to increase the fees applied by the same, all in consideration of possibly existing statutory regulations. The licence fee is payable regardless of the fact as to whether you start using the software.

2.2. Banking costs

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, any currency movement of foreign currencies with regard to the EUR and banking costs shall be for the risk and account of the customer.

2.3. Timely payment

If KLAAS NIENHUIS does not receive full payment in a timely fashion, and without prejudice to all other rights and legal remedies of KLAAS NIENHUIS, KLAAS NIENHUIS will be authorised to, without any liability vis-à-vis you, deny you the password, account and access to all or a part of the software, regardless if the access was (already) granted..

2.4. Interest

You shall furthermore owe statutory interest for commercial contracts as determined by De Nederlandse Bank increased with 2% on the outstanding amount without a demand for payment or a notice for default being required. If the customer fails to pay the amount due after a demand for payment, the debt shall be collected in which case all judicial and extrajudicial costs shall be borne by you.

2.5. Refunds

None of the amounts and fees specified in these terms and conditions can be cancelled or refunded.

2.6. Rate adjustment

All prices or rates of periodic payment obligations may be adjusted with due observance of a term of at least [three] months. Should you not agree with the new prices/conditions you may terminate the contract within 14 days after such notification against the date on which the new prices/conditions would take effect.

2.7. Suspend payment

You may not suspend any payment nor set off any amounts owed.