7. Termination/Cancellation

7.1. Performance failure

An agreement may only be rescinded in case of an attributable failure in the performance of the contract by the other party, insofar as a written notice of default granting a reasonable term to remedy the breach has been issued, and the party in breach fails to remedy the breach. The notice of default shall be as detailed as possible.

7.2. Termination

A contract that is entered into for an indefinite period of time, may be terminated by either party in writing after consultation and with reason for termination. Parties shall terminate observing a reasonable notice period.

7.3. Compensation

KLAAS NIENHUIS shall in no way be held to pay any compensation due to termination or repay any amounts received.

7.4. Fixed period

Agreements that were entered info for a definite period of time may not be terminated early.

7.5. Bankruptcy

In case of any bankruptcy you are no longer entitled to use the software, and shall be denied any access to it.